A small island ghoul community in the atlantic. It is about 650 miles off the coast of north carolina. It's main communtiy has grown in somer set since the bombs dropped. This community is in isolation except for it's naval ship which was converted into a trade vessel.

Groups of the IslandEdit

only a few free smoothies live in bermuda at the moment, all of them residing with the Royal Somer tribe.

  • The Royal Somer Tribe

This group formed a few months after the bombs fell. When supplies and news broadcasts were down for a while they began worrying and sent out Edward Swan (air plane pilot) to check things out. He came back with reports of destroyed cities and gun fire shots in the streets below. He became their Premier for 8 years before Ghoul Pirates attacked the town. Mark Swan's grandson. 12 year old Alex Swan then declared himself leader with his mother controlling the entire proccess until he turned 15 when he had his mother executed. When Alex turned 18, pirates again attacked the tribe which was well defended due to its naval ship which was being used to trade for supplies. They gained controll of 2 cuban military vessels but will continuely tell you it was not cuban military foces attacking. This most likely was because of the large Bay Pirates flag painted on the side. This did not save them from the many radioactive barrels that were dropped before the pirates fled though. This started harming the people who eventually turned to ghouls around the time Swan became 46. After people began turning to ghouls Sir Henry Sharpe led 82 men to leave the city and form The Slavers of The Queen on St. George's Parish.

  • Slavers Of The Queen

The airport there serves as they camp ground where the men and women of the Queen hold, breed and "grow" slaves. 5 years ofter the factions formation the began specially breeding slaves for certain jobs. They get new slaves by buying only the best from farmers, druglords and slave ring fighters in america. 81 years in to the project Sir Henry Sharpe died of unknown causes and Jennifer F. Scott took over the bussiness and had every relative of Sharpe's killed.

    • Most Slavers Of The Queen are recruited from the streets of Hamilton the only actually dangerouse place in Bermuda.
  • The Hamilton Gang

Probably the only smoothies in the whole place they are welcomed by the ghouls because most have never known the hatred that there is in the wasteland. They are a group of smoothies who are in-bred but are the only people on the island who can brew alchohol. They often buy any willing smooth skins from the Slavers of the Queen and make them part of the group. They are known as the bringers of peace among the small un-important tribes of the other areas of Bermuda.