Fallout PnP
Fallout PnP

Brent Anchor (born 2223) is a senior scribe and a personality for the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel.


Brent has no idea how he has managed to stay alive this far. A year back the Brotherhood came to his village and “recruited” him. Since then he has repeatedly been almost killed. Brent doesn’t like the Brotherhood very much, but he knows that unless he serves them his home village will be punished. He has already been whipped several times for his insolence to Brotherhood superiors. During the setting of the Pen and Paper game, Anchor is currently 20.[1]


Brent Anchor is equipped with Leather armor, a knife, and an AK-47 assault rifle.


Brent Anchor is mentioned only in the Jason Mical's Pen and Paper add-on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Sourcebook.