This prototype helicopter is a reconstruction of the Enclave's V-34 Vertibird, and was developed by western brotherhood scribes and knights in 2243 from Vertibird blueprints stolen from the Enclave base at Navarro in 2241 by a brotherhood spy. Although this vehicle is fully capable of flight, many of the advanced materials and instruments used by the enclave to create its vertibirds remain unavailable to the brotherhood, and thus this prototype has a significantly lower performance capability than the Enclave design. Because of the large amount of manpower and time needed to build these vehicles, and the expensiveness and rareness of many of the materials, the western brotherhood has very few of these prototypes.

–In-game description

The Brotherhood "Steel Eagle" Vertibird is a vehicle in the Jason Mical's Pen and Paper add-on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Sourcebook.


A Western Brotherhood prototypical reconstruction of the Enclave V-34 Vertibird design, the Steel Eagle was first constructed in 2243, and utilized since.

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