This lightweight vehicle was designed early in the brotherhood’s history for scouting purposes, to gather information on the wasteland of which the brotherhood was fast becoming a part. It is fast and has a low fuel cell usage which make it ideal for scouting out new areas. The brotherhood’s initial fuel cell shortage meant that it could not be used to its fullest potential when first invented, however today it enjoys regular use by both the western and eastern brotherhoods. The western brotherhood has also begun trading these with other groups, and it is currently the most popular vehicle in the California region. Its simplicity of design, and use of readily available materials has also meant that several modified versions have been created by individuals and groups for use in the wasteland.

–In-game description

The Brotherhood Scouter is a vehicle in the Jason Mical's Pen and Paper add-on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Sourcebook.


Developed in 2098, the Scouter was utilized by the Western Brotherhood, becoming the most popular vehicle in New California, while also being used by the Eastern Brotherhood.

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