A medical training in The Enclave Medical Academy (EMA) that takes up to 6 years. Even though the training is mainly for army proposes, it also gives knowledge for civilian doctors. Each rank can be gained after 1 year of instruction and you can finish EMA whenever you want - only a few complete all six years.

–In-game description

Enclave Medical Training is a perk in the Jason Mical's Pen and Paper add-on Fallout: The Enclave Of The United State Of America & Artificial Intelligence Machines Project.


Rank Effect
Rank 1
Able to help other doctors and carrying wounded out without doing any additional harm.
First-Aid +15%
Rank 2
Mainly theoretical knowledge about wound treatment and many illnesses
First-Aid +25%
Doctor +5%
Rank 3
Field Medic
Can perform simple field surgeries.
First-Aid +30%
Doctor +15%
Science +5%
Rank 4
Can perform surgeries.
First-Aid +30%
Doctor +25%
Science +15%
Rank 5
First-Aid +35%
Doctor +35%
Science +25%
Rank 6
Specialist Doctor
Choose a speciality (surgeon, optometric, cardiologist etc.). Affected skills are doubled for purpose of the speciality.
First-Aid +40%
Doctor +40%
Science +30%
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