Fallout PnP 2.5 Project is an attempt to balance and finalize the 2.0 mold for optimized game play, as well as to introduce a number of tools and concepts for a more rounded concept. While we wish to make game play more fluid, for the initial material, we want to bring it back to the Nevada/California settings of ONLY Fallout 1 and 2, weapons, armors and items included. That said, we are wanting to build upon this to include the settings of BoS And Fallout 3, as well as make it easy for GMs to integrate new material.

We will be removing some things that are overly broken, or entirely without logic. We will be working to make this more about Fallout, while still bringing in what is, at the core, the best part of table top gaming - Unlimited Creativity. Please, feel free to watch this space, and add thoughts to the discussion page, but PLEASE, PLEASE ask if you are going to try and add or remove anything, since this project is, really, working with a small group of live players so that we can more accurately test the gaming experience of the finished product.

Also, you'll notice as this proceeds, a lot of this is merely reorganization, not entirely overhauling. Combat flows great in 2.0, and driving rules are solid. The way most things work, work out pretty well most of the time. But there is a lack of direction in the source material, from experience charts to suggested methodology, and the spread of the game is fairly clunky when you're not shooting folks. We, essentially, aim to fix this.

Fallout PnP 2.5 Project
Forward Acknowledgements and Introduction | Knowing Fallout | What You Will Need
Chapter 1 : Character Creation Character Building 101 | Species | Statistics | Traits | Skills | Finalization
Chapter 2 : Playin' The Game Common Knowledge | Pack Your Bags (Equipment) | My Second Amendment (Weaponry) | Living The Life | They See Me Rollin' (Vehicles) | Breakin' The Habit (Chems) | Debate Club (Dialog and Diplomacy) | Ready? FIGHT! (Combat) | Well, That Hurt (Damage and Death) | The Payoff (Character Progression)
Chapter 3 : The Fallout Database Weapons | Weapon Enhancements | Ammunition | Armor | Equipment | Chems | Vehicle | Vehicle Enhancements | Junk | Monsters | Robots
Chapter 4 : Places to Go, People to See Settlements | Caves, Bases and Facilities | Organizations | Individuals | Heroic Figures | Oddities
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