Ant, Giant

Giant ants are nothing to be laughed up. What they lack in individual fortitude, they make up for with relentless attacks and swarm tactics. Their exoskeleton isn't particularly thick, but it can turn aside weak punches and dull knives. Their mandibles can cut through most leather and plastic with ease, even snapping bone on a lucky shot. Giant ants become particularly aggressive when their queen is threatened. The queen of a giant ant colony is responsible for producing new giant ant workers. Though she is not particularly tough, provoking her will agitate the dozens of subjects that are usually waiting in the wings.

Ant, Fire

A variation of giant ants that have been genetically modified. Their name comes from their ability to breathe fire by expelling flammable venom from what was their venom sacks, then igniting it with a spark made by clicking their mandibles. This process is called "pyrosis".

Ant, Nitro

Nitro Ants are similar to Giant Ants in physicality, however, they posess one key distinction: should they be harmed with any weapon that deals heat or electricity damage, or shot with a traditional powder and bullet round, they will violently explode, and the larger the ant, the larger the explosion. The cause of the mutation is unknown, but theories have thought it to be anything from exposure of natural gas to the consumption of gunpowder. What ever the case, make sure to either subdue them with melee weapons, or make sure you are far, far away when using projectiles.

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