Fallout PnP
Fallout PnP

Items are general equipment that don't fall under any of the other listed categories. It includes containers, non-chem-ish food, mechanical and electronic devices, and miscellaneous debris.

Stealth Boy

The RobCo. MK 3001 Stealth Boy is a personal stealth device worn on one's wrist. It generates a modulating field that transmits reflected light from one side of an object to the other making the bearer almost invisible to the untrained eye. The device camouflages the user allowing them a large +10 bonus to all Sneak checks involving keeping out of sight. The device does not affect sound or touch what so ever, and thus grants no bonus to checks to pickpocket or staying quiet. A stealth boy lasts 10 rounds of use (can be toggled on and off) before automatically burning out. The problem is not the battery, but a failsafe inside that destroys the element, a safety feature that prevents the device from causing its debilitating mental side effects due to prolonged use. A stealth-boy takes up an Accessory Slot.

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