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This wiki is dedicated to both growing and archiving information related to two main groups - PnP games and canceled Fallout games. Those listed below without links are coming soon, so please check back!

PnP games

PnP stands for "pen and paper" and is shorthand for a type of game that is played on a table with dice and friends. The games are RPGs, or role-playing games, where players take on the role of a character in a predetermined worldspace. GM stands for "game manager" and is sometimes used synonymously with DM (dungeon master) or overseer. These games are written by users, and everyone is welcome to create their own and host it here for others to enjoy. Growing our collection of PnP games and encouraging users to write, collaborate, and enjoy is the main goal of this section.

- J.E. Sawyer's Fallout Role-Playing Game
- Jason Mical's Pen and Paper
- Fallout PnP 2.5 Project
- Fallout PnP 3rd Edition
- Fallout PnP 4th Edition
- Fallout d20

Canceled Fallout games

The canceled Fallout games group is different from PnP articles in that these games were not written by users but instead were mainline Fallout projects that never released. Archiving and notating as much as possible about these projects, including design documents, concept art, and source texts is the main goal of these articles. Canceled games include those planned by Black Isle Studios, Interplay, and Masthead Studios, among others.

- Van Buren
- Project V13
- Fallout (PlayStation)
- Fallout 4 (Black Isle Studios)
- Fallout Extreme
- Fallout Tactics 2
- Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2


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