For a lot of Pen and Paper enthusiasts, the use of game pieces, commonly known as miniatures, is an integral part of the experience, every bit as important as stat-sheets and storytelling. If you haven't given it a try, I encourage you to go out and have fun try it. Finding, customizing, and even making figures for your own use can be a lot of fun!

A quality Hand-made minature

If your just delving into the world of fallout PnP, you may be saddened by the lack of available minatures. This topic is to help you out. With a little research, one can find believable miniature in the fallout setting, and with a little creativity, making your own from scratch is a viable option! This article will break down different methods for aquiring minatures, for players of all bugets and skill levels. To start out, I'll be cliche and give a basic set of rules to remember. First and foremost. Don't be pressured to overstep your means. Searching for and finding premium minatures can be an enjoyable experience, but it can be a very expensive one. Especially when dealing with rare or high quality ones. If it's a bit expensive for you, pass it. You can probably find a decent replacement for cheaper, or make your own if you have the time. Second. Never underestimate your own abilities. I know it can seem a daunting task, even impossible, to creat your own minatures for play. But trust me! With a little work and a little patience, you can make pretty decent quality miniatures of your own. And third. Enjoy it! Cliche, I know, but it's a very important part of minatures. If you get no enjoyment out of it, then it's really just a drain of time and money!

With those final words of introduction, I'll go ahead and Delve right into the thick of it, going into methods for finding, creating, and customizing minatures, along with alternative methods for those on low incomes, or with expensive tastes.

Finding suitable Minatures

Several independent model makers, stock Fallout inspired and usable models of varying sizes. Brother Vinni's does a beautiful set of Fallout inspired miniatures.

Customizing Minatures

A good source for miniature parts for PnP, is Games Workshop. They have an excellent range of miniatures that can be used as Fallout miniatures.

Creating your own unique Fallout Minatures

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