Mister Handy robots are utility robots created by General Atomics International, with further development and design by RobCo Industries. Although they were designed as general-chore automatons, they are quite capable of defending themselves with their flamethrower and buzzsaw, but nowhere near as combat efficient as the military variant "Mister Gutsy."

Variants Edit

  • Mister Handy (Civilian Model)
  • Mister Gutsy (Military Model)
  • Mister Orderly (Medical Model)

Traits Edit

  • +2 Defense (+3 for Gutsy Models)
  • +1 PER
  • 80 lbs Automatic Carry weight
  • Automatic Equipment (See Below)

Automatic Equipment Edit

Mister Handy:

  • Built-In Buzz-saw (1d6 P, 4 RoF)
  • Built-In Flamer (1 Full Fuel Tank)

Mister Gutsy:

  • Built-In Plasma Pistol (1 Full Plasma Cartridge)
  • Built-In Flamer (1 Full Fuel Tank)

Mister Orderly

  • Built-In Surgical Equipment (+10 to Medic Checks)
  • Built-In Cauterizer (1d4 P, 1d4 F, 4 RoF)