Fallout PnP

The Wageman's Fallout PnP system requires the following items for play:  

  • Dice required to play: 3d6 (MOST IMPORTANT!), 1d4, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, 1d100 (aka 1d%)
  • A calculator and the knowledge of how to round decimals and multiply using percentages.
  • Hex or Square Mat - Combat in Fallout is based on the use of a one inch square or hex grid. Mat friendly markers should be included with these, as you may need these to draw out walls, obstacles, etc., and also to mark the locations of characters if a session ends mid-combat.
  • Caps/ Miniatures - True to the fallout theme, standard 1in bottle caps can make the best representation of units on the board. It is also advised to use a permanent marker to show on the cap which way is facing forward. The caps in use should be varied in appearance (eg different brands and colors) to prevent confusion. Miniature figures can also be used, as they add a fun visual element. They are typically expensive though, so consider bottle caps your best option.
Sean Wagemans Fallout PnP
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