Much of the world has fallen into a state of complete disrepair in the years since the War, and safe travel is never guaranteed in the wastes. When traveling between locations, there is a chance for random encounters. Random encounters can break up the monotony of long travel, provide combat and experience points (and, of course, loot), and even serve as comic relief.  The specific adventure modules will instruct the GM on how often to roll for an encounter, and what chance the party has to meet one. In general, random encounters are usually terrain-specific; a party isn’t going to meet a bunch of desert lizards in the middle of a jungle. If the party does meet a random encounter, then they have a chance to avoid it. The “leader” of the party -the character who is first in marching order, or at the front of the party -must make a roll against Outdoorsman. If the roll succeeds, the character has spotted whatever the party will encounter and can decide whether or not to avoid it. Parties that meet random encounters will start at a position of 5 hexes multiplied by the “leader’s” Perception from the middle of the group the party is encountering. This means that if the leader’s perception is 6, the party starts 30 hexes from the center of the encounter (the middle of a caravan, for example). If the group the party encounters is big enough, this can still plant them right in the middle of everything. Starting position in random encounters doesn’t matter as much when encountering peaceful things, but it matters a lot if you wandered into a radscorpion nest.

Enclave Patrol Group

The party comes across an Enclave patrol group. They wander around, searching for potential threats. If a member of your party happens to have betrayed the Enclave, they will act hostile.


The party encounters either a Caravan or a Merchant. They can choose to barter with them. If attacked they will either flee to protection or become hostile.

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