Fallout PnP
Fallout PnP

When you loot a weapon, or buy one at a shop, determine the HP by rolling 1d6. For each point of Health missing from a weapon, it loses 10% of its value and suffers a -1 to hit on combat rolls and a -1 to damage. At 0 HP a weapon is considered broken and unusable.

Weapon HP 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Condition Value 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40%
Condition Penalty 0 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 unusuable
Crit Fail Penalty 0 +1% +2% +3% +4% +5% -

Cannibalizing Weapons

Most weapons can be broken down into parts for repair. If you have a weapon of the exact same type (such as two Chainsaws or two .308 Bolt Rifles) you can directly add one weapon's HP to the other. This action is known as cannibalizing a weapon, as one tool is broken down to feed the other. Some weapons, such as clubs, are too simple to be cannibalized and must be repaired in other ways, such as a mechanic or repair materials. These weapons have the Simple property.

Firearms and Energy Weapons can also be taken apart and broken down into parts for use on later projects. This can only be done to weapons with 2 or more HP and results with two parts based on the weapons Ammo/Damage type (Plasma, .50 cal, 9mm etc) and the gun's Base Type (Revolver, Machine-gun, Energy Rifle, Energy Pistol, etc). Other weapons can be broken down in this same manner, but they produce 2 parts of the exact weapon type. Simple weapons cannot be broken down into parts. Any two Weapon Parts can be used on a weapon matching their type to restore 1HP, or 2 HP with a successful DC 14 Repair Check.

Example: a .308 Bolt rifle can be cannibalized into one set of .308 Gun Parts and one set of Bolt rifle parts, which can be used to repair any other weapon that uses those parts.


200 years of neglect or misuse by untrained operators, long exposure to a dry and dirty environment, and disturbingly frequent encounters will begin to break down even the best made weapons. Every session, any weapons used lose 1 HP unless they have the Reliable property. In the event of a critical failure on an Attack roll, the weapon loses 1d6-2 HP automatically.


Some well-connected and skilled tradesmen will streamline the repair process; for 5% of the gun's maximum value, they will repair 1 HP of any weapon.

Duct Tape and Wonderglue

Weapons with the Simple property can regain HP by applying a roll of duct tape (+1 HP) or bottle of wonder glue industrial epoxy (+2 HP).

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