Basic Mechanics Edit

Rolling Dice

This game uses two ten-sided dice or a D100, one dice counts as the tens and the other counts as the ones. Make sure when you roll that your dice are different in some way so that you know which die represents which number value. (I use different colored dice)

The goal is to roll low as you will compare the value rolled and try to get under your skill percentage.

Difficulty Modifiers

Some tasks that you perform in the game can be made easier or harder depending on the circumstances you are under. This rule is to help the Storyteller to make the game more realistic. Difficulty modifiers are not used with combat skills.

Difficulty Modifier Example


+20% Running

away over easy terrain

Easy +10% Picking

a simple lock.

Normal +/- 0% Any average roll.
Hard -10% Hacking

while being shot at.

Very Hard -20% Making

a weapon without a schematic.

Degrees of success

A degree of success is achieved by rolling your skill rating or lower. Rolling even to you skill gives you one degree and for every 10% you roll under your skill you get another. This rule is used for combat and opposed checks.

EX: John is trying to barter a better price on a pistol he wants to buy. He his barter skill is 60, he rolls a D100 and gets a 43 that’s two degrees of success. The trader rolls and only gets one degree of success. John wins the barter and gets 10% off the price.