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Roger Maxson (2046-2122) was the high elder and a historical personality of the Western Brotherhood of Steel.


Roger Maxson is responsible, more than any other individual, for the Brotherhood of Steel. He is its “founding father”. Little is known of the early life of this historic man, and he never spoke much of it himself, but he is thought to be a native of California and is known to have graduated with honors (sociology and psychology) from the university at Berkely, California in 2068. In 2075 he was transferred to the US Army research facility at Mariposa to serve as executive officer under Colonel Robert Spindel. Maxson quickly became known as a charismatic and likeable individual, and was respected by the men for his loyalty and honesty, as a contrast to the careerist colonel. The Great War of 2077 propelled Maxson to the leadership of the base personnel as they became refugees in the hostile new world, and his actions, cemented him in this position. Maxson never appeared to specially want the leadership, but he accepted the responsibility and carried out the work to the best of his considerable abilities. After arriving at the Lost Hills security bunker, Maxson used his knowledge of sociology to reorganize the Brotherhood in to an organization capable of surviving in the harsh wasteland. By the time of Maxson’s death in 2122 he had completed the cultural and structural changes necessary and brought the Brotherhood of Steel in to existence. During the setting of the Pen and Paper game, Maxson is currently 42.[1]


As high elder, Roger Maxson could get whatever he wanted from the Brotherhood supplies. Maxson is able to wear a suit of Brotherhood power armor, or High elder’s robes. He also carries a Colt .45 pistol.


Roger Maxson is mentioned only in the Jason Mical's Pen and Paper add-on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Sourcebook.


Roger Maxson is based on the character of High Elder Roger Maxson in Fallout.