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Before the bombs fell in 2077, Seattle was the capital of America's robotics industry, a position only reinforced by its proximity to the Anchorage front. The important role of combat robots to the American war effort led to it being targeted by no less than sixty Chinese warheads, resulting in its near-total destruction, except for those lucky enough to find refuge in the Vaults. The surrounding Puget Sound, while spared direct atomic annihilation, was transformed into a barren desert by the heat of the bombs and the toxic rain that fell in the days after the Great War.

Old Seattle and The Sound

In the years that followed, the Sound would be repopulated, first by those who had survived in caves, bunkers, and metro tunnels, then by foreigners; the Liberators fleeing south from mutated wildlife in Alaska and the Pioneers who came west along the broken remains of the I90. The Liberators set up in the islands of the Sound, clearing away gangs and mutants, while the Pioneers settled in the region's national parks and refused to touch the ruins of the Old World. Old Seattle itself remained under the control of gangs for almost a century, until the balance of power shifted with the rise of a gang called the Commission, who cleared out and enslaved their rival gangs and eventually set their sights on the untouched Vaults of the old city.

In 2288, the Commission infiltrated Vault 60, killing, enslaving, or exiling all the old residents. Most who escaped died in the wasteland or fell in with the Liberators or Pioneers, but shortly after the invasion the old General Atomics facility in the city outskirts roared to life, producing automatons broadcasting the words of a man named after the Old War comics hero-- The Mechanist. The Mechanist, through his robots, promised to build Seattle into a city of the future as it should be, regardless of what the other factions would prefer.

At the cusp of a new century, in the year 2290, the Commission discovered records in Vault 60's computer alluding to another Vault, a scant dozen miles away from Vault 60. Vault 61 was to be a control Vault, with all the life-saving materials that implied. The door to the vault, however, was buried during an industrial accident before the outbreak of the War, leaving its bounty perfectly preserved and untouched: a wealth of technology, food, and medicine that would allow whoever controlled it to assert dominance over Old Seattle and the Sound. The only problem left to solve was getting in.

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