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Simon Barnaky (2148-2197) was the paladin general and a historical personality for the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel.


Simon Barnaky is remembered by the Brotherhood for his excellent tactical abilities, and total devotion to the the Brotherhood. Born in 2148, he was part of the new generation of Brotherhood warriors who had never known life in the Western Brotherhood. His hardline, conservative views made him popular among the paladins, who saw him as the embodiment of the Eastern Brotherhood’s mission. He rose quickly through the ranks, and was eventually put in charge of the Eastern Brotherhood strike force to destroy the mutant armies. Despite his prowess as a commander, Barnaky was known for his racist views and strongly objected to the assimilation of mutants and ghouls in to the Brotherhood ranks. In early 2197, Barnaky’s transport was captured by mutants, and despite strenuous efforts by the Brotherhood to locate him, he wasn’t found. It is unclear what happened after this, but Barnaky is known to have died later in 2197. His body was eventually recovered, but strangely his brain had been surgically removed. During the setting of the Pen and Paper game, Barnaky is currently 49.[1]


Simon Barnaky is equipped with Brotherhood power armor and a minigun.


Simon Barnaky is mentioned only in the Jason Mical's Pen and Paper add-on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Sourcebook.


Simon Barnaky is based on the character of General Simon Barnaky in Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.