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SIMPLE Fallout is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the Fallout universe, with mechanics inspired by the Fallout games. While Fallout proper and many other Fallout TTRPGs have used a percentile die system, SIMPLE uses a 3d6 system. It is designed to be faster to play than other alternatives while still maintaining a high degree of tactical depth. It is currently untested and under continuous development.

SIMPLE is a modification under CC-BY-SA of Sean Wageman's Fallout PnP. Comments, concerns, and playtest results can be emailed to Vivian K. at Unapproved modifications are subject to being rolled back.


Fake answer: SIMPLE demonstrates that this isn't supposed to crush you to death with rules. It's not exactly a narrativist game, but combat is supposed to feel fast-paced and not painfully sloggy. The rules are easy to grasp and most calculation falls on the Overseer. It's simple.

Real answer: Simple was a revised six-stat version of SPECIAL that JE Sawyer invented and then abandoned because of angry corporate gods. Most of the Wageman's pages continued to use the simple namespace. I needed a name and it's right there.


SIMPLE Fallout is, something something fair use, something something not-for-profit. Fallout is owned by Bethesda and Zenimax I guess. Original rules content by Sean Wageman. Modifications by Vivian Kilbourne and the SIMPLE Fallout team. SIMPLE Fallout is licensed under CC-BY-SA and community contributions are welcome.

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