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Skill Books

Skill Books are rare literary artifacts from the old world. Reading a Skill Book takes (7 - IN) hours and grants a single skill point towards increasing the skill covered by the book. These books are fragile and fall apart upon reading.

Book Skill Caps
Grognak the Barbarian Athletics 350
Lying, Congressional Style Deception 350
True Police Stories Detection 350
Self Help: The Assertive Way Intimidate 350
General Atomics Technician's Manual Electronics 350
Dean's Electronics Engineering 350
D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine Medic 350
Wasteland Survival Guide Outdoorsman 350
Tales of a Junk Town Jerky Vendor Speech 350
Enclave Vertiberd Operations Manuel Pilot 350
Tumblers Today Security 350
Big Book of Science Science 350
Chinese Army: Special Ops. Training Manuel Sneak 350

Skill Magazines

Skill magazines function similarly to skill books, however, they grant only temporary boost to skills. It takes (7-IN) min to read a magazine, and the bonus it imparts lasts 24 hours. Similarly to Skill Books, magazines are destroyed when used. The bonus granted by a magazine is dependent on the skill of the user. If the reader's skill is 9 or less, the bonus is 2. If 10 or higher, the bonus is 1.

Skill Magazines Skill Caps
Run! Jump! Climb! Athletics 75
Meeting People Deception 75
Crime Spotters Detection 75
Is Your Neighbor a Commie? Intimidate 75
RobCo Quarterly Electronics 75
Fixin' Things Engineering 75
Today's Physician Medic 75
Lad's Life Outdoorsman 75
Salesman Weekly Speech 75
Gears and Gas Weekly Pilot 75
Locksmith's Reader Security 75
Programmer's Digest Science 75
La Fantoma Sneak 75

Combat Magazines

Combat Magazines function exactly the same as skill magazines, except they grant a +1 Bonus to attack rolls with the designated weapon types for 24 hours.

Combat Magazines Weapon Type Caps
Future Weapons Today Energy Weapons 75
Milsurp Review Firearms 75
Taels of Chivalry Melee 75
Patriot's Cookbook Throw 75
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