The mid west was one of the least effected when atomic fire hit the world. This area includes Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnisota.

There is a few areas and people of interest in the area.

Bomb ShellEdit

Bomb Shell is built around a blast crater of a bomb. it is run by a super mutaint Mayor/Sherriff/ and City Clerk. The humens are the most populent, but the sub humens are also plentiful. In the center of the blast crater there is a large hotel where the sub humens live. When night fall comes, the glowing ones come out and light up the streets. At the enterance there are five statues of the heros of Bomb Shell. They are Ceria, Rick Danger, Gordon Sleek, Raven Storm, and Timmy.

The DQEdit

Ran by Gordon Sleek and Timmy, this is mabey the only place in the wastes you can get real pre war hambergers, ice cream and real milk. This is a meeting in place for the heros of Bomb shell. You can pick up radio frequency from all over.


Hamberger 30 caps. Ice cream 75 caps. bottle of milk, 125 caps