Phase Two? Phase Two???

Phase Two. I'm going to go ahead and assume that Wageman ain't responding. That means this project is officially Mine (tm), pending Wageman stealing it back.

The focus of Phase Two is converting the game to a proper 3d6 system. Inspired I guess by Fallout Proper or the other Fallout ttrpg, a lot of elements of this still have percentile modifications. This Will Not Do. As a dabbling statistician, I like the normalized distribution of 3d6 rolls, so I'm not converting it into a d% system. Unfortunately, there are a lot of misplaced percentiles. In the coming weeks I'm gonna be running through and replacing them with additive modifiers. This may upset game balance but if I'm being completely honest? I don't think this game was very balanced to begin with.

This is also when I'll be making style edits, so as to maintain tonal consistency.

@The guy who responded to my last blog post? PM me, I'll give you something to do, as long as you have a head for math or writing.