I don't actually anticipate anyone reading this. But uh, if you're curious what I'm planning on doing on this project (and in case you're picking through the bones of this wiki years after the fact the way I am):


I don't really want to do anything too crazy for a week or so; wanna give Wageman a chance to actually respond to my email (which I sent!). Right now I'm mostly adding rules that were implied but not actually statted out anywhere (Taunting), clarifying ambigious language, and fixing the myriad grammar errors.


If Wageman doesn't get back to me, I'm going to invoke the ancient arts of Creative Commons and hijack the project. I'll toss a note up on the main page and get to work actually knuckling down on this. This is also when I remove things! Specifically, I'll be removing Dwarves almost immediately. I'll also be making a number of style edits I'm not comfortable doing on someone else's project; my humor is a lot drier than Wiseman's, and I do occationally deign to kowtow to professionalism. In exchange, though, I'll be expanding rules pretty extensively; I plan to introduce rules for everyone's favorite abberation, the Intelligent Deathclaw. I'd also like to do Robot rules but because of how modular they are it's hard to one-size-fits-all them. 


There's a blank space on my roadmap here for projects I can't anticipate right now. There's gonna be a lot of those, not even gonna lie.


Beastiary and equipment. The former is decidedly not my strong suit. But it has to be done! This is the point where I will begin praying for the skies to open and give me helpers; I'm used to working on projects like this in a small team, and this is definitely the point where I'd lose steam and give up. Fingers crossed. 


At that point, the game is playable, if not exactly supportive for the nominal target audience (Fallout fans who would like to play a tabletop). This is where I will immediately fuck off into the Indulgence Zone and work on an included setting with story seeds and sample campaign because wouldn't you know, all this time I just wanted to write about post-apoc Seattle.


God willing, I'm done. Final edits, pack into a pdf, toss into the wind like so many leaves. At some point I'll probably slap my own name on it, but I'm not doing that any time soon.

HELP ME: Toss me a message here or an email at yookee13 @ I'll get back to you with intense gratitude.