NCR Security Council - Presidential Security Briefings - Vault CityEdit

From: Charles Avery - NCR Security Council
To: President Tandi
Subject: Vault City Intelligence Briefing

Madame President,

Once again, I'd like to take the opportunity to congratulate you on beating your opponent the presidential election. None of us here in the Security council had any doubt of the outcome.

As I know you are already aware, by convention at the beginning of every new presidential term the Security council is required prepare a briefing for the president upon their inauguration of all nearby threats and friends to the republic. This is the first of these briefings.

With the easing of the Enclave threat and the annexation of the Vault 15 settlement, we once again turn our attention to Vault City as the key threat to the republic. Although the threat of armed invasion from Vault City is considered to be remote; their interest in Redding, the power-plant at Gecko, and the Broken Hills Uranium mine mean we should continue to be vigilant of their expansionist efforts.

This document contains the latest information from all of our government's resources: Our Department of State, our intelligence resources, the Department of Defense and Security, and of course the Rangers.

We hope that this report will give you a better oversight of the people, places and policies of Vault City, and help you make the same great decisions which have strengthened our glorious republic in the past.

Charles Avery

NCR Security Council Chairperson.